Our Mission

A tradition of creating tasty Mediterranean food while ensuring a great dining experience for our customers propels DINO’S toward the future.

For more than two decades DINO’S has served tasty Grecian delicacies to good food lovers from all over. Our legacy of serving great Greek food continues as we expand our cullinary horizons toward the Northeastern Mediterranean region. As purveyors of tasty Mediterranean food, DINO’S is working harder to ensure your dining experience is authentic, flavorful and good for you.


Foodies and casual diners alike deserve dining options that offer healthier alternatives as a replacement for fat-induced, high-calorie meals that are engineered to taste good, but often make you feel bad. Mediterranean style cuisine is by nature, more flavorful through introduction of special herbs and spices and traditional Mediterranean food preparation processes.

For centuries people of the Mediterranean understood that food quality and careful preparation make food taste exceptionally great. This is why DINO’S slow roasts our high-grade Athenian meats on a flame broiled rotisserie to enhance the flavors found in our carmelized seasoned beef and chicken. We practice these time-honored Mediterranean cooking traditions daily by creating fresh housemade Greek, Caesar and Tabouli salads. And, we pay particular attention to preparation of our special sauces, including Tzatziki (cucumber) sauce and Spicy Feta. Each DINO’S creation is made with quality ingredients and attention to taste and value for our guests. And, for those who have special dietary requirements, we provide several options for Vegetarians, Vegans, Gluten-free and Meat-etarians alike. To all we say ‘Opaah!’ Enjoy…